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Fusilli alla Napoletana. Recipe

Today we are going to prepare a simple and flavorful recipe in which we will combine a short pasta with one of the Barilla Sauces based on tomato. In less than 15 minutes, we will be serving some delicious Fusilli alla Napoletana. The Fusilli Barilla, which owe their name to the spindle shape in which the wool was rolled, are twisted and suitable to catch the flavors of the sauce.

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Get the most out of your oven

It is cooked with very few odors, it is easy to use and with very surprising results, that is cooking with the oven. To get the most out of your oven, we have developed a series of tips that will help you. The oven has evolved from ancient times to the current oven. We will focus on the electric oven since for us, this is the ideal with the lifestyle we lead, it also cooks more homogeneously than gas and makes cleaning much easier.

From Mesopotamia to the Michelin Guide: the history of women in the kitchen is the history of machismo

Of the 195 restaurants with a Michelin star in Spain, only 18 have a woman as a cook: 9.2%. It is also a usual percentage worldwide. On the contrary, according to a recent report, only half of Spanish men know how to cook, compared to 85% of women. Live to the Palate These are the 17 most influential women in Spanish gastronomy They are well known data, but they are especially bleeding considering that the woman invented the kitchen, a work that she exercised exclusively, and was separated from her only when she is acquired symbolic or economic importance.

Weekly menu from July 8 to 14

We begin a new week of this hot month of July by dedicating ourselves, once again, to review together what has come out of our kitchens over the past few days. Whether you are fortunate to be already enjoying a few days of vacation or if you are still counting the days left to enjoy that deserved break, I invite you to join us to discover what recipes we have been proposing in this new weekly menu.

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Fusilli ai frutti di mare recipe

This is one of the pasta recipes that my family likes best, perhaps because of its sea flavor and the variety of seafood used in its preparation. The Fusilli ai frutti di mare recipe is a simple recipe that we can make with many ingredients depending on our tastes and those we find in the market.

Walk through the gastronomy of the LVI network

August 16th. The end of the holidays for some, the beginning for others. And the less fortunate are still here at the foot of the canyon, so we have no choice but to enjoy the vacations of others, or the summer recipes they continue to place in their blogs. This is the Walk through the gastronomy of the LVI network.

Fresh cheese crepes with nuts

One of the delicacies that we are passionate about are crepes, depending on the combination you make are a real temptation, sweet ham with cheese, banana with chocolate, etc. We propose you to make some crepes of fresh cheese with nuts with which you will make a rich snack that will provide a good taste in the mouth until dinner time, they are easy to prepare and much more to taste.

Who said the cooks cooked?

We all know that the cook is the one who cooks, there is no doubt about that. But in the times that run and especially certain types of restaurants are not kept only by what comes out of your kitchen. That's why we have cooks who cook and others who do other things (besides cooking, that doesn't make me angry).

Apple pie and custard recipe with nuts and honey

Who can resist a good homemade dessert? Now that we are leaving summer behind, we feel like turning on the oven to enjoy a sweet snack made by ourselves. If you want to surprise at home with an exquisite cake but you don't have much time to spend in the kitchen, go ahead and prepare this simple apple pie and custard with nuts and honey, full of autumnal flavors.

10 good reasons to add herbs and spices to your dishes

We have at our disposal a multitude of ingredients that can give flavor and color to the recipes, but often, we do not give it the use that we could, so, so that we get more out of the herbs and spices, we leave 10 good reasons to include them In our dishes. Herbs, spices and other condiments are part of those details that can radically change a dish or give it a small badge as well as a more pleasant and complete finish.

Potato recipe with gorgonzola cheese and fish roe

We bring you a very simple recipe and at the same time full of flavor. It is the recipe for potatoes with gorgonzola cheese and fish roe that you can have ready in 20 minutes and surprise the family with an appetizer of intense flavor and with surprising contrasts. The sweetness of the potatoes with the intense flavor of gorgonzola cheese and the "explosions" of fish roe flavor form an unforgettable whole, a pleasure in small doses that will leave us as satisfied as the cleaning power of Don Clean Clean GEL Concentrate and its great cleaning efficiency.

Healthy diets with native cuisine

An initiative of the Department of Health and Consumer Affairs and the Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists of the Balearic Islands has surprised us a bit, they have published a guide to native healthy eating with advice on what should and should not be eaten, or rather abused. In principle there is no problem, on the contrary, it is appreciated that they develop a guide for the well-being of their citizens, all municipalities could take an example.

Rocío, a Murcian restaurant

We know that there are striking restaurants for its innovative conception, for its decoration and even for its wonderful menu. A restaurant that stands out in these aspects and is governed by great professionalism is Rocío. The Rocío Restaurant has been operating in Murcia for 20 years, its cuisine is the traditional Murcian and is prepared by an excellent hand, Francisco Moreno's, who gives his clients a professional and family treatment in turn.

Visit to La Vinyeta. Much more than wine tourism on the Costa Brava

A few days ago, on the occasion of a trip that I made to the Costa Brava, I had the opportunity to know what I thought was "simply" a Winery in which I would surely have the opportunity to taste its wines and stroll through its vineyards and facilities, but I I had a big surprise. After the visit, in which I actually tried the wines and met the winery and toured the farm and the vineyards, I could have a good time chatting with the owners, and that's why I have to tell you my visit to La Vinyeta, which of course offers much more than wine tourism on the Costa Brava.

Albufera rice, a new Valencian rice variety

If we talk about rice, quickly the first thing we think about is in the Valencian community and specifically in the Albufera Natural Park, one of the most valuable wetlands in Europe, where so far three varieties of rice were cultivated, namely Senia , Bahia and Bomba. Now we are announced from the Valencian Institute of Agricultural Research (IVIA), that soon a new variety of rice will come out that will be named after the park, that is, the Albufera Rice that has been obtained through a crop crossing procedure between Bomba and Senia varieties, according to Ramón Carreres, the principal investigator of this institute.